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All about Hendy
Family Photo Album

Here are the members of my family;


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This is my mum (Bev) she works for my dad, helping run their printing business, and my mum does the house from top to bottom every day!!


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This is my dad. He owns his own printing company, he produces all types of promotional products. You name it he does it!!
He too, never stops working. If hes not printing he's working on the house!

My Big sister & Brother in law;

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This is my older sister Emma with her husband Malcolm.
My sis has done a lot for me in the past and we are quite close!

I play in the same Football team as my brother inlaw, but hes much better then me!!!

They are expecting their first child together, due in January.

My Brothers Daniel & Zachary

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Zachary is 10 years younger then me and hes a very active young boy!! Hes always trying to do wrestling moves on me, but never suceeds!!

Daniel is a mechanic and he is a year younger then me, so we basically grew up together. We used to fight and argue all of the time, but we get on pretty well now!